Commerce SaaS for Telcos

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Enhance your customer experience and commercial performance by powering all your telco sales and service channels by Gomibo’s core commerce platform.

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For telcos, with telecom expertise

Our platform offers streamlined customer journeys, omnichannel consistency, seamless integration on top of your current IT stack, and advanced telecom-specific features, driven by over 15 years of telecom industry expertise and cutting-edge technologies.

Watch our product explanation video to see how it enhances your customer and agent experience.

Explore our customer journey

Gomibo provides a 5-star customer journey for web, app and store. Use the platform that is already serving millions of customers in Europe to your advantage. One software platform with a thorough comparison tool, state of the art app and use the same software to power your stores.

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What our omnichannel commerce platform can do for you

Our platform enables telcos to sell connectivity and to offer all telecom products and services that their customers require. Gomibo offers not just software, but also the services you need for a complete customer journey. This allows you to monetize your customers and make sure they are provided with the personalized experience that they expect in this digital age.

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Explore our extensive range of commerce features

A wide range of e-commerce specific features are integrated into the Gomibo.Platforms Core which powers our webapp, and store channels. Sell and manage all connectivity (fixed & mobile) to consumers and businesses and monetize your customers. Attract new customers with our marketing tools, reduce churn, grow ARPU, and boost NPS, all while using your own branding with our out-of-the-box front-end or in a headless setup

A/B Testing

Constantly aim at improving NPS, conversion rate and ARPU, while reducing churn and costs with our A/B testing tools.

Commercial Product Catalog

Receives the products from the technical product catalog and enriches this data such that it can be optimally presented to a customer in an omnichannel environment

Content Management System

Easily update and optimize your content, delivering a seamless user experience through our CMS tool.

Comparison Tools

Let your customers filter through millions of product/service combinations without hassle using our extensive comparison tools.

Flow Manager

From direct integrations with card networks and banks to checkout flows in the browser, we operate on and optimize at every level of the financial stack.

Marketing & Promotions

Optimize your marketing with automation tools, increase NPS and ARPU simultaneously, and have access to many marketing tools yourself.

Lead Conversion

Boost your revenue, cut software costs by tens of millions, and increase customer experience.

Fraud Prevention

Reduce bad debt with our built-in fraud prevention solution.


Enjoy over 15 years of experience in telecom omnichannel sales and service, with 20 active telco integrations at this moment.


Trusted by customers in 30 countries, Gomibo Platforms powers over 1.2 million sales annually, with 95% occurring online.


Average (end-)customer review score of 9.4 out of 10 (50.000+ reviews), making your employees happy with one back-end for all your channels.

Receive our Brochure

We are happy to send you a brochure about what we can do for you as a telco. The brochure contains a comprehensive overview of our features, example implementations, all our integrations, and more. To get an even more extensive impression about what we can do for you, a demo is usually required.


Become a digital telco

Be ready for the future by moving your company to a digital setting and enjoy all the benefits.


Conduct a low-risk test of Gomibo’s software capabilities

A Production Pilot is a fully working channel in the same look and feel as your current platform. Experience the benefits of a full omnichannel setup at low risk. Building a Production Pilot, testing it, and iterating in small steps is an agile alternative for the way IT in the telecom world operates.


Integration: one platform, all commerce channels

Find out how we approach integration, focusing on minimal disruption and maximum efficiency, ensuring that our platform seamlessly integrates with existing IT systems at the edge without the need for extensive modifications. We utilize standard APIs and, where necessary, employ manual methods to bridge any gaps, ensuring a smooth and effortless integration process.

Our mission: Enhance telecom commerce for telcos and their customers

Over 15 years ago, we started on this mission. We knew that patching up old systems to build a telco commerce platform was not the answer. So, we decided to build it ourselves, from scratch.

Throughout the years, we have experienced all the complexities of offering telecom products and customer journeys, and have optimized this along the way. This has allowed us to create an omnichannel platform specifically made for telcos, which we proudly offer to telcos today.

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Security, trust and stability 

Our software is built on privacy and security by design since 2006, and we comply with ISO27001 and GDPR.

We are already trusted by 19 telcos with which we have successfully integrated.


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Be the first to know about new telecom commerce insights to build or refine your customer and agent experience with the tools and knowledge of today’s industry.