We're on a mission to enhance telecom commerce for telcos and their customers.

Over 15 years ago, our mission began.

Our founders saw that telecom companies were unable to truly focus on the customer. We knew that patching up old systems to build a telco commerce platform was not the answer. So, we decided to build it ourselves, from scratch.

Throughout the years, we have experienced all the complexities of offering telecom products and customer journeys, and have optimized this along the way.

This has allowed us to create a commerce SaaS platform for telcos, based on our omnichannel expertise, which we proudly offer to telcos today.

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We know the telecom commerce struggle

Most telcos built their platform by customizing and merging software from many vendors together. This originates from the absence of software that meets the requirements of selling and servicing telecom products. So, a typical telco architecture is expensive to maintain and hard to expand. Change is hard, because how do you solve such a big problem without starting another risky digital transformation project?

Why Gomibo is here to help

We know how hard it is to provide a good telecom customer experience, because we have worked on this ourselves for years. Our SaaS platform has been developed completely in-house since 2006. Since then, we have built up our experience in the telecom industry which helped us build our product. Our software proves itself every day, in challenging conditions selling more than 1 million telecom products per year in 30 countries and 13 native languages. Telco customers rate the experience with 9.4 out of 10 (50,000+ reviews).

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Conduct a low-risk test of Gomibo’s software capabilities

It is understandable that changing your platform is a big decision. This is why we recommend to gradually work towards it via a Production Pilot. This means starting with a fully working channel (e.g., website) in the same look and feel as your current platform, to experience the benefits of a full omnichannel setup at low risk. Building a Production Pilot, testing it, and iterating in small steps is an agile alternative for the way IT in the telecom world operates.

The 4 pillars to our success

We base everything we do upon the telecom commerce knowledge we have. This is based on four pillars that flow through our entire organization:

  • Focus on Tech: We are a product company first and for most. focused on building the best possible platform for our customers.

  • Customer Centric: We listen to what our customers want, and what their customers need. We incorporate learnings from millions of customers and transactions into our platform.

  • Hyper Efficiency: Our product allows for optimal efficiency to improve telecom commerce workflows.

  • Digitalization of Processes: Our background in telecom ecommerce ensures a digital-first approach.
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Meet our founders

Our company is still privately owned by the owners who founded it 16 years ago, and they are still very actively involved in the company.

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Jeroen Doorenbos

Founder & Co-CEO

Jeroen Elkhuizen

Founder & Co-CEO

Learn more about the way we work towards our mission

Receive our Brochure

We are happy to send you a brochure about what we can do for you as a telco. The brochure contains a comprehensive overview of our features, example implementations, all our integrations, and more. To get an even more extensive impression about what we can do for you, a demo is usually required.