Contact Center & Self-Service for Telcos

Provide scalable omnichannel service 
without draining your resources


Enhance customer experience with superior self-service and contact center solutions

The Gomibo Platforms self-service and contact center features are developed specifically for telcos. 

Cut service costs

Our platform reduces service costs by empowering customers with self-service tools, minimizing the need for agent intervention. The integrated system streamlines operations, further lowering operational expenses.

Customers only need to tell you once

A timeline-based case management tool logs all interactions and shows agents a summary and self-service usage, helping agents build customer relationships with features like review management.

Support households and families

The self-service portal and customer service system feature an innovative household account setup, allowing customers to shop and use self-service options.

Excellent self-service

Gomibo Platforms' software is designed with a self-service-first approach. For every task typically handled by agents, we assess whether customers can perform it themselves. This approach is continuously refined with new developments, ensuring that customers can handle as much as possible on their own, reducing customer queries and increasing your profits.

Integration with all communication channels

Our platform integrates seamlessly with all communication channels, including email, IVR, live chat, ticket support, chatbots, and social media. This unified approach ensures consistent and efficient customer interactions, allowing agents to manage all communications from a single interface, improving response times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Feeback and requests visual

Personalized up- & cross-sell

Our agent CRM system intelligently recommends personalized up-sell and cross-sell products to customers based on their behavioral patterns, significantly boosting your ARPU and customer retention. With unified customer profiles, we can identify individual needs and provide timely, relevant offers that enhance their experience.


Trusted by customers in 30 countries, Gomibo Platforms powers over 1.2 million sales annually, with 95% occurring online.


Average (end-)customer review score of 9.4 out of 10 (50.000+ reviews), making your employees happy with one back-end for all your channels at the same time.


Enjoy 16 years of experience in telecom omnichannel sales and service, with 19 active telco integrations at this moment.

Receive our contact center & self-service whitepaper

We are happy to send you a whitepaper about our contact center (Agent CRM) and self-service capabilities. It contains a comprehensive overview of the main features and how it acts in an omnichannel environment. To get an even more extensive impression about what we can do for you, a demo is usually required.

1-minute solution overview

Watch our product explanation video to see how our integrated contact center and self-care platform can streamline operations, reduce service costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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