Digitized Store for Telcos

Provide a unique omnichannel customer 
experience in telco shops with a fully 
digitized store.


Transform your retail experience

Achieve a true omnichannel retail experience with Gomibo’s advanced solutions, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of telcos and their customers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Deliver a superior in-store experiences with our intuitive interfaces and comprehensive Agent CRM tools that keep your customers engaged and satisfied.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage powerful analytics to understand customer behavior and optimize your retail strategy for maximum impact.

Seamless Integration

Our platform integrates effortlessly with existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting your current operations.


Integration with e-commerce

Enable your retail agents to easily find all relevant prices, product details or product combinations with our extensive filter tool, a key part of our e-commerce solution. Drive ARPU up with up- and cross-sell, or simply let the customer do it themselves via a self-service POS device

Digital signage

Fully digitized POS materials such as product tags, promotional displays, window displays and many more are centrally managed and easy to adjust. No need for printing out pricing cards anymore. Increase your brand recognizability in your retail stores with endless branding possibilities.


Integrate with other sales channels

Customers can use the easy click & collect system, or be onboarded at the store and have their products delivered to their doorstep. Our comprehensive omnichannel solution allows you to switch interchangeably between all channels and create custom-made customer journeys.


Trusted by customers in 30 countries, Gomibo Platforms powers over 1.2 million sales annually, with 95% occurring online.


Average (end-)customer review score of 9.4 out of 10 (50.000+ reviews), making your employees happy with one back-end for all your channels at the same time.


Enjoy 16 years of experience in telecom omnichannel sales and service, with 19 active telco integrations at this moment.

Receive our store whitepaper

We are happy to send you a whitepaper about our store solution. It contains a comprehensive overview of our store features and how it acts in an omnichannel environment. To get an even more extensive impression about what we can do for you, a demo is usually required.

1-minute solution overview

Watch our product explanation video to see how it enhances your customer and agent experience by allowing you to digitize your stores and integrate it with online channels.

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