CUSTOMER CASE: Belsimpel.nl

How Belsimpel.nl became a Market Leader using Gomibo’s Software

Belsimpel leads the telecom market in The Netherlands due to the efficiency of our omnichannel commerce software.


Belsimpel does $500M in telco sales using Gomibo

Belsimpel has grown to become the mobile phone market leader in The Netherlands with an online market share of over 50%. They achieved this by selling mobile phones, contracts and a combination of both. This growth was made possible by the hyper-efficiency which is embedded in the Gomibo software. The software implementation increased sales because of the powerful comparison tool, high conversion, and continuous software improvements by A/B testing. 

1M+ Transactions

With an operational team of just 125 FTE.

75% Higher Conversion

Using A/B testing, comparison tools, and more.

95% Digital Sales

Belsimpel.nl was able to become truly digital with our software.

9.4 rating out of 10-1

Give customers the best experience

Customers adore Belsimpel. This is not only seen in the number of sales and growth but mostly in all the positive feedback. Belsimpel provides an excellent customer journey for the customers using Gomibo, and the Gomibo software significantly supports the Belsimpel agents when something does go wrong. All in all, this leads to a highly rated customer journey for Belsimpel (9.4/10, with 50,000+ reviews).

Omnichannel solution for telcos

Belsimpel uses the software of Gomibo to power all its channels: the website, app, and physical stores. This allows Belsimpel to use the same product information, pricing, filters, and shopping cart in all their channels. The stores can also be used as a pick-up point as well as a drop-off and service point. This gives the customers a consistent customer journey however they interact with Belsimpel.

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Self-service first

While the sales were increasing for Belsimpel, the support it had to offer to its customers actually decreased because of the extensive self-service possibilities. The combination of these factors made Belsimpel the biggest player in The Netherlands and made them decide to expand their operations across the borders to the whole of Europe.

Powerful comparison tool

Belsimpel uses one of Gomibo’s most powerful tools: the comparison tool. This tool can filter both products and contracts at the same time and easily supports more than 17 million possible combinations. Competitors of Belsimpel only use tools where first a phone is chosen and afterwards a contract or the other way around. This does not make sense because how can you determine which phone or contract you want if you do not know the final price yet? This tool was implemented in 2018, which resulted in significant growth in revenue for Belsimpel.

Comparison tool V3

Ability to handle significant traffic

Belsimpel currently has 2.9 million sessions each month and sells more than 100k products each month. Even though this is significant traffic, the website has almost 100% uptime and defeats competitors in terms of loading speeds. This is all powered by the Gomibo software. 

Belsimpel is continuously improving

Gomibo is actively developing its platform using A/B testing. We constantly aim at improving NPS, conversion rate and ARPU while reducing churn and costs. New updates are released frequently and pushed to Belsimpel for free. This means that Belsimpel reaps the rewards of the improvement of the Gomibo software every day.


Trusted by customers in 30 countries, Gomibo Platforms powers over 1.2 million sales annually, with 95% occurring online.


Average (end-)customer review score of 9.4 out of 10 (50.000+ reviews), making your employees happy with one back-end for all your channels at the same time.


Enjoy 16 years of experience in telecom omnichannel sales and service, with 19 active telco integrations at this moment.

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