Telco Agent CRM

Provide a complete overview in one system for your agents with our extensive Agent CRM product Alice, which is fully integrated with all our features.


Manage all your customers and interactions in one place

Our Agent CRM consolidates contact moments from all channels into a single, unified system. Ensuring that every customer interaction is captured and accessible, providing your agents with a complete view of customer activity and history.

Manage business relations

Use our business relations tool to manage client relationships, monitor incoming orders and turnover, and provide high self-service capabilities to your business clients.

Case-management tool

A timeline-based case management tool logs all interactions and shows agents a summary and self-service usage, helping agents build customer relationships with features like review management.

Work skill- and task-based

Our skill-based task system efficiently assigns tasks across teams, eliminating service runarounds, reducing upkeep, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Explore our range of Agent CRM features

Task System

Employees are empowered by a skill-based task system that allows them to efficiently assign and manage tasks across teams, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced customer service.

Abandoned Shopping Cart

Using our Agent CRM, employees are empowered to view abandoned shopping carts, (automatically) remind customers, and complete orders, ensuring a seamless shopping experience while boosting conversion.

Review Management

Collect, track, and respond to customer reviews from various channels in one unified system. Monitor customer feedback, address issues promptly, and build stronger relationships.

Communication Flow Builder

Engage with customers through completely (no-code) customizable communication flows. Utilize various communication channels such as Email, SMS, Chat, and much more.

Receive our Agent CRM Whitepaper

We are happy to send you a whitepaper about our Agent CRM and its capabilities. It contains a comprehensive feature overview and how the Agent CRM acts in an omnichannel environment. To get an even more extensive impression about what we can do for you, a demo is usually required.

1-minute solution overview

Watch our product explanation video to see how our integrated Agent CRM can streamline operations, reduce service costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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