Minimal-Effort Integration

Gomibo works decoupled from your existing IT systems and enhances your omnichannel capabilities without disruption.


Effortless integration for a unified customer experience

Achieve seamless integration with minimal effort, ensuring a consistent and efficient operation across all channels.

Go headful or headless

Configure the Gomibo platform out of the box with our design elements or go headless using our repository based on React (Native).

Risk-free delivery

Achieve seamless integration with your existing dealer, retail, or franchise APIs, reducing complexity, risks, and effort.

Omnichannel commerce

Operate as a commercial layer decoupled from core IT systems, supporting all your sales and service channels.

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Industry standards compliance

Built in compliance with TM Forum standards for ODA, eTOM, and open APIs, Gomibo’s platform ensures seamless connectivity with existing systems. Our adherence to industry standards (where applicable) guarantees interoperability and reduces integration challenges, providing a robust and reliable solution for your telco operations.


  • Compatibility with existing platforms.
  • Easier integration with third-party tools.
  • Reliable and future-proof integration solution.

Seamless integration with existing APIs

Gomibo’s platform integrates effortlessly with your current dealer, retail, or franchise APIs, ensuring minimal disruption and rapid implementation. This approach eliminates the need for extensive changes to your core IT systems and significantly reduces integration complexity.


  • Quick deployment without heavy reliance on system integrators.
  • Minimal changes to existing IT infrastructure.
  • Reduced complexity and operational disruption.
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Customization and flexibility

The Gomibo platform offers unparalleled customization and flexibility. Whether you choose to configure the platform with our standard design elements or go headless using our front-end repository based on React (web) and React Native (app), you can tailor the platform to fit your specific needs.


  • Out-of-the-box configuration with standard design elements.
  • Headless setup for maximum flexibility and control.
  • Ability to mix and match headful and headless components.

Receive our integration whitepaper

Discover how Gomibo’s integration solutions can streamline your operations and enhance your omnichannel capabilities. Our whitepaper provides a detailed overview of integration features, seamless connectivity, and real-world benefits. For an even deeper understanding, schedule a personalized demo.

1-minute solution overview

Watch our product explanation video to see how Gomibo’s seamless integration can enhance your telco operations.

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