Explore the Power of Gomibo’s Production Pilot

Experience the Benefits of a Full Omnichannel Setup with Minimal Risk

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Accelerate your digital transformation

Use our services to test the full benefits of Gomibo’s platform with minimal investment and disruption.

Quick Integration

Achieve rapid integration using your existing dealer, retail, or franchise APIs, minimizing disruption and technical complexity.

Risk-Free Testing

Conduct a full-scale pilot without altering your core IT systems or roadmap, allowing you to compare performance and benefits directly.

Expert Support

Our A-Team of specialists will ensure a high quality first configuration, providing you with the necessary expertise and guidance.

Production pilot (with core IT information)

How our production pilot works

Our Production Pilot enables you to experience Gomibo’s platform as a fully operational channel—be it a website, shop, or app—parallel to your current solution. This approach allows for direct performance comparison and risk-free testing. Typically, a pilot can be set up within three months, followed by a testing phase of about six months, adjustable based on your needs.

Comprehensive evaluation and future planning

After the pilot period, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you understand the potential benefits of a full-scale implementation. This detailed evaluation will assist in making an informed decision about transitioning to Gomibo’s platform permanently​​​​.

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Extensive support for quick go-live

To ensure the least impact on your operational and IT projects, Gomibo provides extensive support in the following areas:

  • Logistics: Efficiently manage and streamline your logistics operations to ensure timely deliveries and inventory management.
  • Marketing: Enhance your marketing efforts with targeted campaigns and promotions to attract and retain customers.
  • Operational Support: Receive comprehensive operational support to ensure smooth day-to-day operations and handle any technical challenges.
  • Product Offering Consultation: Get expert advice on optimizing your product offerings to meet market demands and customer preferences.

Receive our production pilot whitepaper

Discover how Gomibo’s Production Pilot can revolutionize your telco operations. Our whitepaper provides a detailed overview of key features, seamless integrations, and the timeline for a pilot setup. To gain deeper insights into the transformative potential of our solution, we recommend scheduling a personalized demo.

Delivery overview

Watch our delivery explanation video to see how Gomibo’s Production Pilot integrates with your existing systems and enhances your omnichannel capabilities.

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